Wednesday, August 24, 2016

BACK TO SCHOOL SERIES #BECCTOSCHOOL | 10 Minute Outfit, Makeup, And Hair For When You're Running Late!

I'm back with another back to school post! I know I've been very all over the place with posts lately and I'm really sorry about that! I moved back to my little college town last Saturday and I've started school this week so I'm still getting settled, but once I get into a routine I'm sure I'll be posting more regularly.

Today's post was really fun for me! I know that I always end up sleeping in as long as possible and then I'm rushing to get ready within minutes! My goal for this post was to create a look that you can realistically create in 10 minutes. I think it ended up pretty well! Hopefully you'll enjoy the little tips I have for tricking everyone into thinking you actually put effort into your appearance!

As you can tell, I started this post with bed head and no makeup! This is going to be the part where you spend most of your time. Starting with makeup, we are going as minimal as possible while still tricking people into thinking we took the time to paint our whole face.

Above you will see the makeup products I used, but feel free to use products that you have on hand. You are basically going to need: a moisturizer that can double as a primer, BB cream, powder foundation, mascara, eyebrow product, pink shimmery eyeshadow, and your favorite bold lip color. Start by putting on moisturizer and BB cream and finishing it with powder for a little extra coverage. Then, focus on making your brows look really good because they are what really frame your face. Quickly swipe on some mascara and add a little bit of pink shimmery eyeshadow in the corners of your eye to look more awake. Finish the look by applying your favorite bold lip color. A bold lip color automatically distracts people from the rest of your face and makes it seem like you have your whole life together... even if you did just wake up 10 minutes ago!

Now... how about we take care of that bed head?! On this day in particular my hair was dried into weird waves from swimming in a chlorine pool and spraying sea salt spray religiously the day before. Whatever your natural texture is, embrace it by throwing it into a half up messy bun. This hairstyle takes 10 seconds max. Just take the top half of your hair and put it into a looped ponytail type of situation and then pull it apart until it has that perfect messy look. If your hair is more high maintenance than mine (seriously, my hair is too easy and yes I know I'm #blessed), don't worry, baseball caps are back in style so throw one of those right on top of that bed head and call it a day!

For the outfit I was thinking comfy-stylish-lazy-easytothrowon and of course my first thought was a maxi dress! I'm pretty sure we can all agree that maxi dresses are the laziest, comfiest clothing items ever, and they also have so much cuteness potential! I got this one from a thrift store and it is kind of shapeless, so I tied it in a knot right above my knee. Slip on a pair of flip flops and you are ready to head out the door!

Here's my "after" mirror selfie. I promise you that this look literally took me 10 minutes. Okay, maybe a little bit longer because I had to take pictures, but if you can forgo your morning mirror selfie I'm sure you'll be able to do this in 10 minutes.

What I really wanted to capture with this look and post is a realistic but presentable appearance. I think it turned out really well. Sometimes I see posts like this where the makeup and hair and outfit are just totally unrealistic, barely looks I can do on a good day! Hopefully this one is a little more relatable.

What is your go to look for days when you're running late? Do you have any secrets to getting ready more quickly? Let me know in the comments. Also let me know if any of these tips helped you!

Thank you for reading! Hope you're enjoying these #BECCTOSCHOOL series posts! I think I have one or two more that I'll be posting. I also might post a house/room tour soon of the new place I'm living in. Stay tuned! Hopefully these posts will get regular again eventually!


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

BACK TO SCHOOL SERIES #BECCTOSCHOOL | How To Make Friends In College + DIY Friendship Bracelets!

How has it already been a week since my last post? I have been seriously slacking on the blog lately and I feel awful about it. This past month has been crazy and this week even crazier-- I move on Saturday and start school again on Monday! I wish I could promise that I'll get better at posting on time, but with school starting again I'm really not sure that I can. I can, however, promise that I'm going to try my best to do better!

On the bright side, I have so many fun back to school post ideas. Hopefully I can actually make some of them happen! Keep on the lookout for new posts and follow the hashtag #BECCTOSCHOOL on instagram and twitter!

In today's post I'm going to share some tips on how to make friends in college and add a bonus tutorial on how to make friendship bracelets at the end. Last year was my first year of college and I moved away to a school where I didn't know anyone! I'm not very good at making friends and I was really scared that I wouldn't be able to meet anyone that I liked. To my surprise, I actually made a lot of really good friends! However, I do know other people who went their first year of college without making any good friends. I don't want that to happen to you! Keep reading for some simple tips that will work for even the shy ones out there! (... and I would know! I'm crazy shy!)

1. Live With Strangers!

This sounds so scary, but it's not as bad as it sounds, I promise! I'm suggesting that you decide to live with roommates that you don't know. It can be tempting to live with your best friends from high school, but trust me, it doesn't always work out so well! Plus, it is such an eye opening experience, living with people you don't know. The greatest friends I made last year were my roommates and my boyfriend's roommates. I'm even living with two of my roommates again this year! This is my number one tip for making friends in college. However, if you don't end up getting along with your roommates, don't fret! There are other ways to make friends!

2. Create Traditions With Your Roommates!

Once you've made friends in your dorm or apartment, a great way to get closer with them is to create traditions! Maybe celebrate a holiday together or have "family" dinners once a week. My friends and I had a tradition of taking an "awkward family photo" every holiday we spent together. And the girls I lived with, we did television show marathons of The Bachelor and Criminal Minds! There are so many ways to bond over traditions like these with your roommates, and they really do help you get closer!

3. Join Clubs!

This is something that will be constantly thrown at you during your orientation week. Don't shrug it off! Joining clubs is such an amazing experience. Most colleges have a ton of clubs spanning a range of interests. Go to your college's club fair and find one (or two or three!) that interest you and actually make an effort to attend the meetings. Last year, I joined an outdoor leadership club at my school, and it was such a fun experience! I made a bunch of new friends and went on so many adventures with this club. Try out as many clubs as you want until you find the right fit for you!

4. Interact With Your Classmates!

The weirdest thing about college classes for me was that no one talks before and after class like they do in high school. In college, you're free to leave whenever you want, so everyone leaves right as the professor stops talking! This makes it tough to make friends in your classes. You definitely have to make an effort to interact with your classmates. Try to show up to class a little early and sit next to people instead of all by yourself. If there's an upcoming test, try to form a study group. These are all ways you can make friends in your classes.

5. Sit In The Student Section!

One of the best parts of college is the events! At my school, we have sporting events, theater events, and outdoor recreation events. Usually these events have students sections! These can be a blast! Bonding over school spirit is such a fun way to make friends. Just make sure you show up early, because space fills up fast!

DIY Friendship Bracelets!

I looked online for a simple friendship bracelet tutorial and found this one that I really like! You have six strands that are in pairs of two that are the same color. Then, you basically just braid them the way you would a fishtail braid! Separate the strands into three on each side, one of each color. I did red, white, and blue for mine. Cross each blue strand over to the opposite side. Then continue to do that with each color, making a pattern. You can even add as many strands as you want! If this is confusing you, here's a link to the picture I got the idea from!

I thought it would be a fun idea to make some friendship bracelets for your new roommates if you're going to have them! I'm a firm believer in gift giving, and this would be the perfect simple gift to give your new friend. It's a great icebreaker too! Use letter beads to spell out "bff" or their name and add any other beads and charms you like. Customize these to your heart's content!


I hope this post helped give some of you motivation to make friends in college! I'm not the most social person there is, in fact I'm pretty shy. If I was able to make a lot of good friends my first year of college then so can you!

What are some of your tips for making friends in new environments? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!



Saturday, August 6, 2016


I have to start this post with the worst disclaimer ever... I'm not actually a minimalist! I know, I know... why am I writing a post about being a minimalist when I'm not one myself? Well, my whole life I've felt like I have way too much stuff. My room growing up was always a mess because there wasn't enough room for all my stuff! When I moved away to college last year, I was so excited to start fresh and have a clean, organized room. As much as I thought that everything I brought to college was absolutely necessary, I still ended up with a mess in my room and a lot of stuff I never even used.

That was when I decided to do some research on minimalism. I love the idea of it, and I love that there are many different levels of being a minimalist. On one hand, there's people with houses that they keep full of only important items and on the other hand there's people who have nothing but the clothes on their back and a tooth brush. Minimalism is such a unique state of mind. Now, I am no where near being an actual minimalist, but I am a college student who knows what you do and do not need on the "MUST PACK" list. This year, I am narrowing down my packing list quite a bit and I'm sure I'll still feel like it's way too much at the end of the year. It's a constant learning experience!

If you're interested in being as minimal as you can during your college career, here's some tips that will hopefully help!

1. Limit the amount that you can pack:

My number one tip is to limit the amount that you can pack. It is so easy and tempting to grab another cardboard box for the stuff that doesn't quite fit in your suitcase! I recommend using those huge plastic storage tubs, because they are durable and can fit a lot. Give yourself a realistic limit, don't try to fit everything into just one tub! I recommend aiming for 3-5 tubs that you are allowed to bring to college. That should be enough for your clothes, books, and other miscellaneous items.

2. Leave off-season items at home:

This tip can be really helpful, but isn't always possible. A lot of college students will either visit home during the semester, or receive care packages from their parents. I recommend packing your off season items in separate boxes that you leave at home when you first leave for college. For example, the semester starts in fall and ends in winter. For the majority of the semester, you aren't going to need your heavy winter gear. It will save you a lot of space if you can either switch at Thanksgiving or have your parents send them to you.

3. Choose your furniture wisely:

Most college students are going to start out living in some type of student housing that is probably already furnished. Believe me, the ugly outdated dressers are a blessing in disguise! It is so much less stressful to move in and out when you're not moving furniture. I know a lot of college students like to bring their own furniture, like bean bag chairs and alarm clocks. Within reason, these items can make your room feel like home and that is a great thing! However, you want to make sure you choose what you bring wisely, so your room doesn't feel cluttered. Last year, I brought a bunch of little knick knacks, my record player, decorative suitcases, shelves, you name it. This year, I'm limiting myself to bringing only my record player.

4. Limit your hobby items:

If you love reading, it can be tempting to bring every book you own. If you love sports, it can be tempting to bring all of your equipment. Last year, I brought a huge box of books that I never read and a huge bag of art supplies that I barely used. This year, I am going to bring only a few books that are on my to read list and only the art supplies that I use. I'm telling you, as much as you think you will be using your hobby items nonstop, college can get busy and take up all your time!

5. Create a capsule wardrobe:

Ahhhh! This is without a doubt the hardest part for me personally. I have way too many clothes, but somehow I actually do wear them all! That's the worst part! However, I have been trying really hard lately to slowly buy clothing items that are wardrobe staples. Try to have mostly neutrals like black, white, and denim, while adding in trendier statement pieces like my purse in the picture. Make sure your capsule wardrobe is something you feel comfortable in and will feel good wearing. Clothing is my biggest struggle with minimalism, so fingers crossed I can do better this year!

6. De-clutter your makeup:

I know I am guilty of holding onto makeup products way longer than I need to. Sometimes I buy something and hate it, but I'm so determined not to waste it that I end up keeping it unused for years. Recently, I went through my makeup and threw away everything I don't use. Don't force yourself too much on this, if you have a lot of really good pallets then bring them! I just recommend bringing your holy grail products, the ones you use all the time. And remember, you'll probably end up picking up more makeup while you're away at college... so leave some space for that!

7. Be careful of what you buy at college

Now that we've talked about bringing the least amount possible to college, we need to talk about how easy it is to replace that emptiness while at college! If you're used to having a full room and a ton of clothes, you will naturally start buying more and more to fill your room. This is okay within reason, just make sure you're continuing to limit yourself. I'm warning you... if you're not careful, you might end the year with twice the amount of clothes and a ton of furniture you didn't even use! I know for me, thrift stores are particularly tempting! So many cool items for such a low price... don't even get me started on the dumb stuff I've bought at thrift stores.


These are all my tips for being a little bit minimalist as a college student. Hopefully I've helped out some of you, especially any incoming freshman. Let me know below if you're an incoming college freshman!

This is the first post of a back to school series I'm starting for this month! I have a lot of really fun post ideas that aren't the typical back to school style posts. They're mostly themed around college students, but there are some that are more general!

Let me know if you have any back to school/college advice requests or questions! I remember my freshman year like it was yesterday, so I can definitely help. What grade are you going into this year? Are you excited for school to start, or sad to see summer end? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! New posts every Wednesday and Saturday at 4pm PDT!


P.S. Is the hashtag lame? #BECCTOSCHOOL? Like back to school but BECC because ReBECCa... Okay, it is pretty lame but I don't care, I think it's hilarious!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

UPDATE! | End of Summer, Wisdom Teeth, + Back to School!

It feels so good to be posting on here again! I only took about a week off, but that seems like forever in blog years! I want to apologize for the unexpected break I took. I had originally planned to have scheduled posts for last week, but life got crazy (as usual!) and I never got around to creating those posts. Last Tuesday, I had a surgery to get my wisdom teeth out, which was crazy! It was the first time I ever got anesthesia, and I loved it! I felt totally conscious but couldn't stop laughing. I posted on snapchat while "under the influence" and it was hilarious to go back and watch my story when I was normal again. I actually have begun to post more blog type stuff on my snapchat, I've been reading up on how to have an engaging snapchat story... as ridiculous as that sounds! If you want to add me on snapchat, my username is Obvibecca! I'll be adding my snapcode to the sidebar soon. Also, have you seen Jeff Mindell's tips for an engaging snapchat story? He is awesome and I highly recommend watching the video if you're interested in improving your snapchat story!

These pictures were taken at my local Pioneer Day Festival! It was magic hour when we took these pictures and the sky really was beautiful, although I might have added a little color with the A Color Story App by ABM! It is definitely my favorite photo editing app ever and I edit every picture on this blog with it! This day, I was wearing my favorite black and white striped shirt and dark stretchy denim capris. It doesn't look like it, but it was really hot this day, 100+ degrees! Gotta love Las Vegas summers!

I found this swimsuit while on my Utah Road Trip at a small vintage shop. I'm obsessed with the white crochet and the low back and it was only $5! When I looked it up, I found out that it's from the 80s, one of my favorite fashion decades. Such a lucky find! My flamingo and parrot pool floaties were also lucky finds, at the dollar store of all places! Obviously they're not huge or functional, but they're really fun and cute. This was a fun swim day that quickly turned into a rain storm. I swear I'm cursed, for as long as I can remember, it becomes stormy every time I go swimming! Never invite me to a pool party!

Summer baseball games have been a tradition for Noah and I since we started dating. I was never interested in baseball until I started dating a baseball player, it always seemed long and sweaty! Even though they are long and sweaty events, they're also such an integral part of summer for me now. Maybe I'm only in it for the food... shaved ice, shelled peanuts, soft pretzels, cotton candy! Or the outfits... everyone looks good in a baseball shirt and cap! I really do love summer baseball games with my best friend.

With it being August, we are on the ending side of summer! This summer has been amazing, but I can't say I'm too sad to be moving onto autumn! I miss living in my small college town and going on adventures every weekend. I'm antsy to move into the house I'm sharing with some of my girlfriends from last semester! I have high hopes for lots of backyard parties and trips to national parks.

I also have a lot of high hopes for this blog in the next few months! I'm working on back to school posts for August and September that I'm really excited for. I'm also insanely excited for October! My all time favorite month and my all time favorite holiday, Halloween! I have so many fun costume ideas that I hope to share on here. The holidays are my favorite time of year and I'm excited to show gift ideas, party ideas, and a bunch of other stuff!

How do you like these Update type posts? If you like them, I can post one every few weeks or months. Let me know!

How has your summer been? Are you sad it's ending or are you excited for autumn? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading! Remember to check back for new posts on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 4pm! 


P.S. Have you seen my Dixie National Forest Travel Diary VIDEO?? It's the first video I've ever made and I'm really proud of it, even if it is a mess! It would mean a lot to me if you would check it out.