UPDATE | New Year 2017

Well, Happy New Year! It feels like forever since I last posted. I did take over a month off from blogging, just because I needed to gather my thoughts and get my life together. But it is the new year and I am back! I am so excited for 2017 and all that it has to offer.

This month I will celebrate one year of blogging! I can't believe I've been doing this for so long. A lot has changed since I first started blogging and there is a lot of changes still to come. I'm excited to grow with you. Stay tuned for more posts related to this.

As far as an update goes, this last month I have mostly just been busy with the holidays. I was back home in Las Vegas for two weeks over Christmas and I celebrated New Years Eve in Northern Utah. The holidays were very different for me this year than they have been the past few years, which was a little weird. But change is something I am learning to embrace! Here's some holiday pictures.

I loved celebrating such a special season with everyone I love, my best friends and my family. My main love language is gifts, so I loved picking out special gifts for everyone and receiving gifts that people had chosen especially for me. I feel so lucky to feel so loved all the time.

Earlier in December, I threw a party for Taylor's 20th birthday. I'll share just a few pictures from that. I originally wanted to create a whole post about it, but I wasn't very happy with how the pictures turned out because I was just enjoying the night instead of stressing about photos. It was roaring 20s themed because he loves the 20s and he turned 20! Taylor is such a fun guy, so I really wanted the party to be true to him.

We had a champagne tower with sparkling cider, candy cigarettes and cigars,feather boas, a mugshot wall for pictures, and a record player. I think everyone had a good time, especially Taylor, which is always the most important thing to me for parties.

2016 was a rough year for me. I had things happen that I never expected. My whole life got flipped upside down and all my perfect plans were shattered. However, I am grateful. Something that I thought of as the worst thing to ever happen to me turned out to be one of the greatest things to happen to me. I was forced to grow and change, it was hard but so worth it. I have never felt more love surrounding me than I did in 2016. I learned important lessons about true love and friendship that I will carry with me forever.

I am so excited for 2017. I am excited to experience life and to keep changing. Growth is so important! I am so happy with where life has taken me, even if it has been completely unexpected and even if it did break my heart over and over again along the way.

Thanks for letting me be so candid with you on this blog. I try to be very honest about my life without sharing anything that doesn't need to be shared. I felt like this needed to be shared. Thank you to anyone who read my blog posts in 2016 and I hope you'll be joining me on this wild ride that is 2017!

What are you most excited for in 2017? What is your New Years Resolution? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


// Special thanks to Christine St. Claire for select photography //


  1. Great photos lady! In regards to 2017 I am looking forward to graduating LOL

    Dakota D.
    Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter: @missdsquared413

    1. Thanks so much Dakota! And I'm so excited for you that you're graduating! Congrats!


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