Favorite places I traveled in 2015

Grand Canyon, Arizona

2015 was a monumental year for me! I graduated from high school, moved to a new state, and started college. I also went on some amazing trips in between these milestones.

Palmyra, New York
Arlington, Vermont
Arlington, Vermont
Seneca Falls, New York
Taughannock Falls, New York
Palmyra Temple, New York

1) Vermont & Upstate New York.

I went on an amazing two week trip to Vermont and Upstate New York with my boyfriend for our senior graduation trip! Noah (my boyfriend) has extended family in both places and they are only a few hours away from each other. It was so fun to meet his family, they were so wonderful to me. It is beautiful back east, so green! Some of my favorite places we visited were Arlington, Vermont; Palmyra, New York; and Seneca Falls, New York. Arlington had pretty buildings and the famous covered bridges, Palmyra is rich with Mormon history (my religion), and Seneca Falls is known as the birthplace of women's rights. This trip was honestly the highlight of 2015 for me, I think about visiting again every single day.

Levi Stadium, Santa Cara, California
Taylor Swift - "Should've Said No"
Levi Stadium, Santa Clara, California

2) Santa Clara, California for the Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour.

This was one of the most exhausting and stressful trips I have ever been on, but it was completely worth it! I originally had tickets for LA, but the dates conflicted with my first week of college, so I had to sell them and buy tickets for the Santa Clara show VERY last minute! It was an eight hour drive one way. Noah was such a trooper during all of this. He loves Taylor Swift, just not as much as I do! He thought it was kind of crazy to drive that far just for a concert (which he is completely right about). In  the end, we both had a blast and it was worth every minute (hour) of stress and exhaustion.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

3) Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Noah and I went on this trip for FREE with our school's outdoor program. He had never been to the Grand Canyon and the last time I went I was very young, so this was such a fun experience to share! We hiked along one of the rims and got some really nice shots like this one and the one at the top of the post.

Salt Lake City Temple, Utah
Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

4) Salt Lake City, Utah.

As I mentioned before, I live in Southern Utah, and Salt Lake City is just a few hours up north. A couple of the friends I've met in college are from Salt Lake, so I got to go visit with them! I had only been to Salt Lake once before this trip and I LOVED it! It was so exciting to visit again, even though we didn't have very much time for activities as it was only a weekend trip. We saw the temple and hiked Big Cottonwood Canyon. I'm going to visit Salt Lake City again Valentine's Day weekend and I'm so excited!

Although there are only four trips listed, I did adventure a lot in my own neck of the woods this past year. Being a tourist in the city you live in is one of the most economical ways to "travel." I never get tired of exploring the Las Vegas strip and the mountains in Southern Utah! So here are some honorable mentions:

Dixie National Forest, Utah
Las Vegas Strip, Nevada

Thank you for reading! I have a lot of fun trips planned for 2016 that I can't wait to share with you.