Snow Day 2016 / Winter Outfit Inspiration

For the month of January, it was considerably warm for Cedar City in the winter. Of course, there was still snow on the ground in the shade and a winter coat was still necessary in the morning and evening, but in the afternoon you could potentially get away with just a hoodie and you might even break a sweat. 

All of the dreams of Cedar City becoming a tropical paradise went out the window last weekend when it stormed nonstop! By the time Monday came around, there was so much snow on the ground that an official Snow Day was announced! Living in Las Vegas, I did have one Snow Day in first grade when it snowed probably one millimeter and people couldn't drive because of the icy roads. This was my first real Snow Day where there was actually feet of snow and scary road conditions! It was just so fun to have an extra long weekend.

I relaxed most of the day but also chased Noah out of our dorms to take a couple pictures right before the sun set in a snow-filled field.  

I'm actually wearing a pretty cute outfit in these pictures, but you can't tell because I was so cold I was hiding in my big coat! Just imagine a grey turtleneck, blue pleated skort, and black tights. My two winter fashion stables are this fur pom pom beanie (that I got from Walmart, of all places??) and my white faux fur coat from Forever 21. I wear this coat every day and I get so many compliments on it. Even if I don't do my hair or makeup, even if I'm wearing sweats underneath, if I'm wearing this coat I'm automatically considered a fashionista!

Coat: Forever 21 / Beanie: Walmart

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my fun Snow Day! I always considered myself a desert rat growing up, but this Southern Utah winter is too pretty for me to resist. Every day is a new adventure!



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