HALLOWEEN COSTUME 2016 | Stranger Things + The Lego Movie DIY Group/Couple Costume Inspiration

So, I know this is a super late Halloween post, but I wanted to make sure to post mine and my friends' Halloween costumes from this year. Halloween week turned out to be crazy and busy, so I didn't have time to post this any sooner, but here I am, as excited as ever to share these costumes with you on here!

My friends and I did a group Stranger Things costume. Stranger Things is a new show on Netflix, it is pretty popular and a very good watch, I would highly recommend it. If you haven't seen it, these costumes might not make sense to you, but I'll try to explain the best I can without spoiling it!

My friends Christine and Spencer dressed as Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington, who are in high school in the show. Nancy begins as a slightly nerdy girl who takes school very seriously and she turns into a very strong character in the show. Steve is the popular jock character who takes an interest in Nancy despite her not being popular. He turns into a strong character in his own right. Taylor and I dressed as Eleven and Mike Wheeler, who is Nancy's younger brother. They are middle school age in the show. Eleven begins the show by escaping from some kind of medical institution and Mike and his friends find her in the woods and take her in.

Here are some individual shots of our costumes. These obviously aren't perfect recreations of the characters, but it is our take on them. The show takes place in the 80s, so that was a really fun vibe to go with. All of the clothing we're wearing was either bought at a thrift store or was already in our closets! For Eleven's costume, you want a pink baby doll type dress with a white peter pan collar, an oversized navy blue jacket, and high socks with tennis shoes. I already have blonde hair, so I just curled it a bit, but you might want a blonde wig to recreate the look of Eleven's blonde wig. As the finishing touch, you need to put a little bit of fake blood underneath your nose because El is always getting random nosebleeds. For Mike's costume, Taylor got this striped collared shirt and tan coat from the thrift store. He also has dark hair, so that's a bonus for the costume! For Steve's costume, you need a long sleeved rugby style shirt, tucked into some tan pants. Steve's hair is also a huge part of his character, he has the high slicked back look from the 80s. We tried to recreate that with Spencer's hair. For Nancy's costume, we chose her most iconic outfit, which was a plaid collared shirt underneath a dark blue sweater with a maroon coat over it. Her hair was in a ponytail for this scene, but you could also go with her signature hairstyle which is wavy with the sides pinned back. These were really easy and fun costumes.

I had to share Christine and Spencer's other costume from this year! Spencer's favorite movie is The Lego Movie, so they dressed as Emmet and WyldStyle. This was such a fun and easy costume for them. Emmet's costume is basically a construction worker's costume with a blue worker shirt underneath. Wyldstyle wears black pants with a black zip up hoodie with blue and pink graphic designs on it that Christine copied with duct tape. She also has blue and pink streaks in her hair with a high side ponytail.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you enjoyed your Halloween! What did you dress as this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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