Travel Diary: Road Trip through Utah! (Saint George, Cedar City, Manti, Salt Lake City...)

Surprise, surprise! Here's another Travel Diary post! And it takes place in Utah! Am I really this predictable? Apparently I am.

This past weekend I went on a road trip through Utah with two of my close friends! We did a lot in only four days and it was absolutely exhausting but so worth it! I'm super excited to share my weekend with you.

We started out early Thursday morning driving from Las Vegas to Saint George. The Saint George Temple is one of my favorites for sentimental reasons; it was the first temple besides Las Vegas that I ever visited. We also stopped in Cedar City to pay a visit to my favorite university and check on the Cedar City Temple's progress. It was so much farther along than we expected! I'm so excited to have a temple ten minutes away from where I go to school.

We finally made it to our main destination: Manti, Utah! We spent the next day shopping in the small towns surrounding Manti and posing in front of painted walls. I can never pass up a good painted wall!

That night, we attended the Mormon Miracle Pageant, which is actually the main reason we went on this road trip. It was beautiful and entertaining, although I have to be a critic and say I enjoyed the Hill Cumorah pageant that I attended last year way more.

The next morning, we woke up very early and drove up to Salt Lake City. Our first stop was East High, the school where High School Musical was filmed! I am a huge high school musical fan, it actually borders on obsession... so this was a dream come true!

After East High, we went to the Hogal Zoo. I'm not a big fan of zoos because I think it's sad putting wild animals in small habitats, especially when the zoo is in an ecosystem the animal shouldn't live in. This zoo was pretty nice for the most part and there was a lot of animal conservation going on, so I still had a good time.

After the zoo, we visited the Real Up House! It's a house painted and modeled to look exactly like the house in the Disney movie Up. There was a sign on the fence that sounded pretty scary and demanded you only take one quick picture. The lighting was also horrible at the time we visited. No amount of editing could fix my pictures but I wanted to share anyway.

That night, we went to an Art Festival in Downtown Salt Lake. It was kind of crazy there, but still really interesting to see a lot of different art. We met up with some old friends and caught up with them which was really nice. We also took a ride on the Trax system! Such a cool concept for public transportation. Salt Lake City sometimes feels like a mini New York City.

This road trip was a blast. My friends and I were exhausted by the end of it. I don't think I've ever done so many things in just a four day weekend! Even though I had such a good time, it feels good to be home.

I'm really sorry that my last three posts in a row have been Travel Diaries. I have lots of blog post ideas that are beauty and fashion related but I'm so much better at planning than actually doing and I'm having trouble bringing my imagination to life. I promise I am trying to get better at it!

P.S. I recently got a new phone with a much better camera that I used for all these pictures. I also edited them all with the A Color Story App by A Beautiful Mess. I highly recommend it for phone editing!

Do you have any road trips planned this summer? Let me know in the comments!



  1. These photos are super cute! And I love your bright floral adorable! I would have never guessed that you used a phone for these photos....they're gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Kate! This is such a nice comment. And the shirt is actually a dress from target that I tucked in! Love finding extra use for cute clothing items!


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