BACK TO SCHOOL SERIES #BECCTOSCHOOL | 10 Minute Outfit, Makeup, And Hair For When You're Running Late!

I'm back with another back to school post! I know I've been very all over the place with posts lately and I'm really sorry about that! I moved back to my little college town last Saturday and I've started school this week so I'm still getting settled, but once I get into a routine I'm sure I'll be posting more regularly.

Today's post was really fun for me! I know that I always end up sleeping in as long as possible and then I'm rushing to get ready within minutes! My goal for this post was to create a look that you can realistically create in 10 minutes. I think it ended up pretty well! Hopefully you'll enjoy the little tips I have for tricking everyone into thinking you actually put effort into your appearance!

As you can tell, I started this post with bed head and no makeup! This is going to be the part where you spend most of your time. Starting with makeup, we are going as minimal as possible while still tricking people into thinking we took the time to paint our whole face.

Above you will see the makeup products I used, but feel free to use products that you have on hand. You are basically going to need: a moisturizer that can double as a primer, BB cream, powder foundation, mascara, eyebrow product, pink shimmery eyeshadow, and your favorite bold lip color. Start by putting on moisturizer and BB cream and finishing it with powder for a little extra coverage. Then, focus on making your brows look really good because they are what really frame your face. Quickly swipe on some mascara and add a little bit of pink shimmery eyeshadow in the corners of your eye to look more awake. Finish the look by applying your favorite bold lip color. A bold lip color automatically distracts people from the rest of your face and makes it seem like you have your whole life together... even if you did just wake up 10 minutes ago!

Now... how about we take care of that bed head?! On this day in particular my hair was dried into weird waves from swimming in a chlorine pool and spraying sea salt spray religiously the day before. Whatever your natural texture is, embrace it by throwing it into a half up messy bun. This hairstyle takes 10 seconds max. Just take the top half of your hair and put it into a looped ponytail type of situation and then pull it apart until it has that perfect messy look. If your hair is more high maintenance than mine (seriously, my hair is too easy and yes I know I'm #blessed), don't worry, baseball caps are back in style so throw one of those right on top of that bed head and call it a day!

For the outfit I was thinking comfy-stylish-lazy-easytothrowon and of course my first thought was a maxi dress! I'm pretty sure we can all agree that maxi dresses are the laziest, comfiest clothing items ever, and they also have so much cuteness potential! I got this one from a thrift store and it is kind of shapeless, so I tied it in a knot right above my knee. Slip on a pair of flip flops and you are ready to head out the door!

Here's my "after" mirror selfie. I promise you that this look literally took me 10 minutes. Okay, maybe a little bit longer because I had to take pictures, but if you can forgo your morning mirror selfie I'm sure you'll be able to do this in 10 minutes.

What I really wanted to capture with this look and post is a realistic but presentable appearance. I think it turned out really well. Sometimes I see posts like this where the makeup and hair and outfit are just totally unrealistic, barely looks I can do on a good day! Hopefully this one is a little more relatable.

What is your go to look for days when you're running late? Do you have any secrets to getting ready more quickly? Let me know in the comments. Also let me know if any of these tips helped you!

Thank you for reading! Hope you're enjoying these #BECCTOSCHOOL series posts! I think I have one or two more that I'll be posting. I also might post a house/room tour soon of the new place I'm living in. Stay tuned! Hopefully these posts will get regular again eventually!



  1. I love how your blog is so raw and real
    XO, Kate


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