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Today, I have a quick outfit post to share! My school does a big Casino Night event every semester, where everyone dresses up and plays poker and blackjack. Growing up in Vegas, I'm a big fan of blackjack and I will take any excuse to get dressed up! The theme for this Casino Night was Roaring 20s, which is always a fun vibe. I tried to keep the theme in mind with my look, but I also snuck in some 60s Twiggy vibes.

My two roommates and friends let me do their hair and makeup for the event, and I was so stoked about it! I do my friend's hair a lot, but this was my first time doing makeup on someone else and I was so proud of how it turned out. Both girls are naturally beautiful, but makeup is such an art and so fun to go dramatic for special events!

For my look, I tried to embrace the best of the 20s and 60s, which are two of my most favorite decades! I wore this beautiful polka dot textured, metallic black shift dress that I got over a year ago at a little vintage shop in my town. Another shopper at the time picked it out for me and said I could totally pull off the Twiggy vibe, and ever since then I've been obsessed with mod style. I styled my hair into a fake bob, it was so fun to have short hair for a night, it felt very glamorous. For my makeup, I did a classic Twiggy inspired eye look, with a dramatic black wing and crease cut. This was such a fun look and such a fun night!

I'm so happy with how these pictures turned out. I edited them in black and white, because I really felt like it gave them a vintage magazine photo shoot vibe. Everyone looked so good this night, and I'm so happy to be sharing these pictures with you. This will be a fun memory to look back on!

Hope you enjoyed this short outfit post, told ya I was gonna start doing them more often!

How do you feel about vintage inspired looks? What is your favorite decade? Let me know in the comments! I think my favorite decades are a tie between 80s, 60s, and 20s. These were such important decades for strong women and I am endlessly inspired by them!

Thank you for reading!



  1. Such a fun night at your school. You look gorgeous

  2. Loving the vintage vibe of this shoot! I adore your dress and you and your friends are so cute with your poses!

    xoxo Rina

    1. Thank you so much for this nice comment!


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