TRAVEL DIARY | Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah

I'm so excited to be sharing another travel diary on here! I feel like it's been so long since my last one, and travel diaries are some of my favorite posts to create. This travel diary is another local/day trip, similar to my Seven Magic Mountains post. My friends and I decided to drive up Cedar Canyon one Saturday morning, and we ended up taking some of the best pictures.

Cedar Breaks is a U.S. National Monument located near Cedar City, Utah. It is often referred to as a mini Grand Canyon because of its natural beauty created from eroded rock. The view of Cedar Breaks is breathtaking, you see red rock, hoodoos, and beyond the line of rock, the trees create a picturesque landscape. I have visited Cedar Breaks more times than I can count, and I'm still blown away every time from the amazing view. It seriously looks like some fake green screen situation you would see in a movie, except it's real!

My friends and I only spent a few hours at one of the overlooks, but we had so much fun taking lots of crazy pictures. The amount of pictures I'm laughing in because someone was making a dumb joke or making fun of my posing is insane. It's a good thing laughing candids are my favorite kind of pictures!

I'm so glad I have such a good group of friends to go on adventures with. Sadly, we were missing one of our group of five because she was out of town for the weekend. I guess that just means we will have to go on more adventures and have more photo shoots like this one!

Cedar Breaks is an amazing, often overlooked viewpoint. It's definitely no Zion or Bryce Canyon or Grand Canyon, but it is a great place to stop for an hour if you're ever near Cedar City. There's a visitors center and an overlook you pay to enter, but there's also several overlooks that are free! This was one of the free ones, and in my opinion, it's a better view than the one you pay for!

Hopefully you enjoyed this simple travel diary type post! All of these amazing pictures were captured by my talented friend, Christine. Check out her instagram if you want to see some of her other pictures!

Have you ever visited Cedar Breaks? What is your go-to place to take a day trip? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading!



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